Slave To The Grind world premiere on April 21st.


Slave To The Grind will have it’s world premiere at the Calgary Underground Film Festival on Saturday April 21st. Director and Producer Doug Brown will be in attendance to conduct a Q and A following the film.

Slave to the Grind – Official Trailer 2018:


Napalm Ted – Coffin Liquor [2017]


Napalm Ted is a grind/death metal/punk trio based in Oulu, Finland. They are active since 2015 and they released a few tapes and splits. Their latest discographic material  “Coffin Liquor” was released on october 6, 2017. This record is an awesome mix between grindcore played in a northern European way and death metal, with punk incursions. I would remark that the sound is very dense, very good vocals done by the guitarist and the drummer, which alternate grindcore/punk and death metal vocals. Also very good drum work here. The only minus for some listeners could be the abscence of the bass guitar, but for me this lack is completed by the harmony between all the instruments/vocals. For me it would be very interesting to see/listen them live. “Coffin Liquor” is available on CD, tapes, and digital format. Also, only the tapes comes with 8 instrumental bonus tracks on side b. Make your orders on their bandcamp page:

Listen their new release on grindwarchannel: