Herida Profunda / Hello Bastards – Full Split [2017]

Herida Profunda (crust/hardcore/grind band based in Poland and UK) released a 7 inch split with Hello Bastards (crust/hardcore/punk band based in UK). You can make orders to get your vinyl copy here:

WOOAAARGH (Germany) – wooaaargh@yahoo.de (https://www.facebook.com/WOOAAARGH)

DEVIANCE (France) – steph.deviance@yahoo.fr

783 punx (UK) – heridaxprofunda@gmail.com ( https://www.facebook.com/783punx )

Hecatombe Records (Spain) – hecatomberecords@gmail.com (https://www.facebook.com/hecatombe-records-171144762973227)

N.I.C. Records (Poland) – xkudnicx@poczta.onet.pl (https://www.facebook.com/nicrecords)

Official links:






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