The Gazelle of Death (van) needs help!


AN URGENT MESSAGE! The Gazelle of Death (van) needs help!

The Gazelle of Death is a tour van and not less than a dozen punk- and rock- bands toured by it all over Russia, Europe and Asia. It’s a flagman of Russian punk fleet and needs a major repair extremely. Longstanding trips on roads of near and far abroad and across Russia had its effect: they have finished the car. Last 7 years (that is from the very beginning) the Gazelle of Death existed on a minimum, often a shortfall budget and money raised at DIY tours was hardly enough for micro repair that is often made with wire and scotch. It’s just unbearable, all the car’s parts are needed to be changed or repaired.

A new fund raising campaign dedicated to the van major repair has been announced on

1. You simply can donate any sum of money via PayPal or buy one of the actions of fund raising campaign presented on the website. For that you should go to “how to make a donation” here: and then follow the instructions.

2. You can organize a benefit-show in your city. The campaign ends on 13th of June, that’s why the show has to be up to/including 11th of June.
Please use the hashtag #gazelleofdeathnewlife so that we could refresh information about all benefit-shows.

3.Repost this message-maybe someone who’d like to help will see it.

At the moment we need:
* Major repair of the engine-80.000 RU
* Transmission restoration-25.000 RU
* Prevent rotting and getting rid of corrosion, to paint and winterize the body-60.000 RU
* 7 new wheel assembly, tires-35.000 RU, -wheel disks. 28.000 RU, inner tubes, installation
* Change gear assembly-14.00 RU
* Change oil fuel pump-7000.00 RU
* Compressed gas equipment (saves up to one and a half in fuel consumption)-41.000 RU
* GPS navigator, car stereo, tools, fire extinguisher and disco ball-38.000 RU
* Fee-10%, 40.000 RU
* Tax-6%, 24.000 RU
* withdrawal fee-1%, 4.000 RU and 1%, 4000 RU Estimated amount is approximate may vary from real. Total amount: 400.000 RU

It seems that it’s better just to buy a new car, but it’s not. The Gazelle of Death is the part of history and mythological mentality so it’s impossible to leave it to die from rust. It has already been to Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy and even in France. Nobody knows how many tours it had but it had more than 80 big (4000 km-11000 km) tours its passengers were the residents of all the continents except Antarctic. The Gazelle of Death became a character of comic book and graphic novel twice, they were published separately: one book was created in the USA and the other one is a pure Russian product. The driver of Gazelle, Denis, himself was a co-writer. If major repair of the Gazelle of Death will be successful, than in 2017 it will discover more Russian and foreign territories, in particularly it will add Denmark and Sweden to its credentials and will take in hand (wheels) Siberia and Russian Far East. This Summer-Fall two transcontitnental tours Saint-Petersburg-Vladivostok are planned. Ontological project “Gazelle of Death” will be shut after full world tour. While there is a place to go, the Gazelle has to go and that means that it needs a NEW LIFE.

At the moment a movie about the Gazelle of Death is being shot and comic book is being translated to 6 languages (Ukrainian, Polish, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Esperanto) and the first translations will be available this Summer. Sequel of the graphic novel “Gazelle of Death-2” is under development. In 2021 in Great Britain a book about punk tours will be published and a big story about the Gazelle of Death will be included in it. The story was written by Denis Alekseev, an irreplaceable driver of Gazelle, you can also read about his present adventures in his personal blog that looks like as the catastrophe and mega catastrophe chronicles –


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