…But the Shadows Have Foes – Asabiyya [2017]


…But the Shadows Have Foes is a neocrust/d-beat/hardcore band from Illinois, USA. I guess the name of the band was inspired from a verse of His Hero Is Gone – Like Weeds. On 22 april they released their first discographic material named “Asabiyya”. The new release contain 9 songs and it’s a great mix of neocrust and dark hardcore with some sludge and post metal influences. I liked that in the lyrics they putted different personal feelings and thoughts which maybe everyone can have at some point. The lyrics are available on their bandcamp page. All the songs were composed by BTSHF and it’s DIY recording, regarding this i must say that they did a good effort. The artwork i thinks it’s nice too, roots of the tree is like the roots of all human emotions. Personally for me this is an awesome release, i can listen to it in different states of mind. People who like His Hero Is Gone, Fall of Efrafa, Morrow i think will appreciate.

Official links:

BTSHF on bandcamp


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