Nuclear Altar – Mankind In Decline 2017

a0032379180_10Nuclear Altar is a raw hardcore punk band from Pozega, Croatia formed in 2011. On 8 april 2017 they released their second release named “Mankind In Decline” after their first demo “Blessed Ruins” from 2013. The big difference between these two releases is that on “Mankind In Decline” is a female vocal (which for me is super ok as i love female vocal into hc/punk). The sound of the entire release is more raw because of the production i guess but for those who like raw sound this is the shit. Taking in consideration that the band is a 100% DIY and independent this is a really cool material. After line-up changes they adopted some metallic influences and let space to dark and emotional feeling. If you want a good dose of old school dark d-beat hardcore here you go, listen to this nice release. The general lyrical theme is human condition which is in decline. This release contain 14 tracks including Dislike, Hellkrusher and UBR covers. Lyrics & logo made by kktz (guitar + vox) and the artwork – by Željko Lučić. “Mankind In Decline” will be available on the tape (handmade tape cover with cut/paste like in old school xerox times for all DIY survivors). Till then listen it or download on bandcamp: Mankind In Decline

Official links:

Nuclear Altar on facebook

Nuclear Altar on bandcamp

Nuclear Altar on bolgspot


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