ANGER DOSE – Cop Hunt (Official Video)

Hardcore / crust band ANGER DOSE based in Bucharest released their first official video “Cop Hunt” taken from their upcoming debut album “AIMLESS GENERATION”. This is “A song about police brutality and the fact that you cannot rely on justice from cops since their entire role is to keep you in line and obedient.” Check this out and support the band!

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Tourist – Tourist [2020 Melodic Hardcore]

Tourist is a new melodic hardcore band based in Bucharest, Romania. On august 30th the band has released their debut self titled EP. It contains 3 songs one of which it’s an instrumental song. Stylistic it is a mix of melodic hardcore, metalcore and post-hardcore with groovy breakdowns and “delivered with a heavy punch and energizing live performances”. Their songs are about “unity, friendship and love”. I really liked it and I think that the band has a lot of potential.

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ANGER DOSE – Dividers [2020]

Anger Dose is a hardcore / crust / metal band based in Bucharest, Romania formed in 2019. Today the band has released a track named “Dividers” taken from their upcoming first studio album due to be released later in 2020. Musically they have influences of punk, crust, hardcore and black metal all combined with strong message against corruption, discrimination, abuse of power and destruction of the environment. I saw them live a few months ago in Bucharest and they are really good band live and super cool guys. Check them out and support the band!

Official pages:

Anger Dose on bandcamp

Anger Dose on facebook

Anger Dose on instagram

Live video from Bucharest:

Злидень – Сам собі ворог [2020 D-beat / Crust]

Злидень (Zlyden) is a crust / d-beat band based in Dnipro, Ukraine. On May 11, 2020 they have released their third album “Сам собі ворог” (Enemy to Myself). It contains 7 songs (1 intro and 1 outro) and it’s an excellent mix of crust, d-beat, dark hardcore, neo-crust and blackened punk with some very interesting melodic parts which gives a special atmosphere to the whole release. I love the band since I have heard of them in 2019 with their second album “Сильного з’їдять” (you should check it too) and after i saw them live in Odessa, Ukraine, I just have confirmed to myself that they’re a great band live too and super cool guys. I could’t say which of their albums is better, both of them gives me great vibes. I really hope to see them live soon. Check it out and support the band!


Official pages:

Zlyden on bandcamp



FUCK YOU! DRACU is a trio hardcore punk band based in Bucharest, Romania. Recently the band has released their debut EP “FUCK OFF AND DRACU”. The EP contains 7 songs, all in romanian language which is great. The romanian hardcore punk scene it’s not the biggest or the strongest in Europe, but in different periods of time there was and are some good bands and FUCK YOU! DRACU is one of them. The band managed to develop their own style and sound which is a mix of hardcore punk and garage punk with guitar solos very well fitted. Check it out and support the band!

Official pages:

FUCK YOU! DRACU on bandcamp

FUCK YOU! DRACU on facebook

FUCK YOU! DRACU on youtube

Higher Walls – Leaders in Denial [2020 Single]

Hello all! Today I want to present to you a new band that has blowed my mind from the first listen. HIGHER WALLS is a hardcore / mathcore / grind band based in London, UK. Yesterday the band has released their first single “Leaders In Denial”. This is a new band formed by my homies and good friends Radu (guitar) (BKSAbnormyndeffect) and Stefan (drums) (Abnormyndeffect) relocated in London. If you are into The Dillinger Escape Plan, Convege and similar bands music i’m sure you will dig it! Subscribe to the band’s official pages to see what happens next! Support the underground!

Higher Walls on youtube

Higher Walls on bandcamp

Higher Walls on instagram

Higher Walls on facebook

Scavengers Circle – Beyond Repair [2019 Crust Punk / Metal]

Scavengers Circle is a crust punk duo band based in Västerås, Sweden. On december 31 2019 the band has released it’s debut EP named “Beyond Repair”. The EP contains 6 songs and it’s an excellent mix of crust punk and metal. For a duo band the sound is very solid, Luka (guitar, bass & vocal) and Johan (drums & vocal) did a very good job. “Beyond Repair” is available on tapes via Masasiorangutan Records and CD (ask the band). Thanks a lot to Johan for sending me this gift (cd). If you’re into crust, metalpunk you definitely should have this one in you collection, and try to support the band by buying their cd or tape. Support the underground!

Scavenger Circle on bandcamp

Scavengers Circle on facebook

Masasiorangutan Records

ANTIKULT – Dioxin No Natsu [2019 Grindcore / Jazzcore]


ANTIKULT is a grindcore / jazzcore band from Milan, Italy. In 2019 the band has released their debut album named “Dioxin No Natsu”. The album contains 11 tracks of a great mix of old school grindcore, crust infused with strange jazz tempos. Inspired from Zorn projects they also use sax wich is perfectly combined with such extreme music. The lyrics can be characterized by the classical gore attitude but from the other way, quote “they’re screaming about environmental, social, economical topics”. The title “Dioxin No Natsu”  is taken from a Japanese publication about a famous dioxine accident in a factory near Milan, Italy in summer 1976. I’m very pleased that the band sent me this cd album, it’s a great finding through all the underground extreme scene. If you like such unusual forms of music you certainly should have this album in your collection. The band is close to release a split EP with Belgian band Aghathocles so let’s hope we will hear about them very soon.

Contact the band on:

Antikult on Bandcamp

KAZÄN – DEMO EP [2019 Raw Punk]

KAZÄN is a raw punk / d-beat band based in Azores, Portugal. In september 2019 they have released their first demo EP. The demo contains 5 tracks of a great raw and noisy punk / d-beat. The lyrics are in portuguese language, I did a little research and actually they have interesting lyrics, mainly about inner experiences, feelings and thoughts wich can have you, me or anybody else too. This release maybe its not the best release of this genre that you listened to and it’s normal, this is a demo, but if you let the bias away, you will find it very good debut release!

Kazan on bandcamp

Kürøishi – Sound the Alarm LP [2019 D-beat / Hardcore / Crust]

Kürøishi is a d-beat  / hardcore band based in Oulu, Finland. On september 20th they have released their new LP named “Sound The Alarm”. The album contains 11 tracks and it’s a great mix of d-beat, crust punk, hardcore and thrash with a great bass line and killer riffs and solos layed on perfect d-beat drums and excellent vocals. For me it’s certainly one of the best releases of this year from this genre. Check it out and support the band.

ORDER: “SOUND THE ALARM” LP through Fight Records

and CD from Break the Records

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